A memory

Jun. 9th, 2005 11:57 am
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Janet sleeps and hears a voice that sounds like her own, Yeah, I never know what's next ... you just ... try and keep your head on straight... and then there are sounds of a busy cafeteria, plates clanking, water spraying, and the voices of many people gathered around tables. There is a man sitting across from Janet, his mouth is moving like he's talking to her, but she can't hear it. The ring on his finger catches the light and she feels herself ask what's with the ring? but she can't hear his reply which is muffled the sounds of activity around them. The background noise gets louder and now she can't see anything but the dark of the night sky where stars are exploding and the universe is ending. She is brought back to the cafeteria when she hears you're required in the ready room immediately, she feels an urgency that hurries her along out of the room.


Janet wakes up slowly, bits and pieces of her dream coming back to her with a startling familiarity. She replayed every scene and found that she remembered that all of it had actually happened back when she was still at the SGC. She also finds that she is craving fruit salad for some reason.


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