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Janet finally lays down to rest after checking on Sam one more time. After what happened downstairs, Janet is extremely worried about her. She figures that the shock at suddenly arriving at Milliways may be a big part of Sam's distress but she feels that there may be something more. She got the feeling that Sam was hiding something from her because, after knowing a person for seven years, it's one of those things you can just sense.

Janet doesn't have a clue what it may be, though. Tyring to stay awake in case Sam needs her, Janet is worn out and falls asleep anyway. She dreams again that night only there is something more real about this one than all of the others

Over here!, a voice yells and Janet finds herself running through trees. Footsteps sound next to her and she glances to her right to see Daniel running alongside of her. There are no displaced images, no out of place sounds except for the sounds of a fierce fire fight. Everything seems real and her vision is as clear as if this was actually happening.

They turn a corner around a clump of trees into a clearing and Janet sees a wounded airman laying on the ground in a pool of his own blood.

I'll cover you from the ridge, the same voice says before he leaves.

I'm Dr Janet Fraiser. Can you hear me? she says as she kneels down beside him getting to work imediately.

Hurts so bad!...I can't move...can't feel my legs!...I think it went right through me!... the airman gasps through the pain.

What's your name? Daniel asks him. Senior Airman Wells...Simon Wells...Am I gonna die?... he answers, his voice panicky.

Not if I have anything to do with it, Janet replies and then turns to Daniel. Okay, we need to roll him over, and stop the bleeding. Janet turns back to Airman Wells, You hanging in there? Okay...easy... Janet says to Daniel, Alright on three. One...two...three... Airman Wells screams out in pain as they turn him onto his back.

Daniel is trying to keep Airman Wells' mind off of the pain. My wife...she's pregnant...

Yeah?! This, uh...this your first Congratulations ...

Airman Wells screams in pain.

That's good! At least you felt that! Janet says and then reaches for her radio. Colonel! I need more time to stabilize this patient, he can't be moved yet.

You can't help me! Leave me!

Nobody is going anywhere.

I can't believe I'm not gonna see my son!

Daniel tries to distract Wells again. Okay, just stay focused, stay focused. So,'s a boy you're...gonna have??

Tell me the truth...I'm not gonna make it, right?

You're gonna be fine...
Daniel reassures him.

Doctor Jackson...Please! Please! Just let me tell my wife! Let me tell my wife that... He screams in pain again.

Daniel looks up at Janet...

And then Janet realizes that she was actually there, that this was an actual memory, not a dream. Airman Wells with a blast weapon wound, Daniel was there with her, Airman Wells thought he was going to die. How could she have forgotten? Why had she forgotten? and how did she get from the firefight to Milliways?


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