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Some things you might not know about Janet:

1) Her favorite color is royal blue.

2) She loves anything with strawberries and has a particular weakness if they are dipped in chocolate. She also likes iced tea and fruit salad, though she hasn't been able to eat the latter ever since she found out that she is dead.

3) Janet was married for three years before getting a divorce. Her ex-husband gave his true opinions on women in the Army though Janet was quick to point out that "it's the air force and they've had women for decades".

4) Janet considers Sam her closest friend.

5) Janet has always wanted a little girl, that's why she adopted Cassie. It was the best thing she's ever done.

6) Janet and Cassie have a special bond because of Cassie's previous experience with Niirti. Niirti was a Goa'uld who was experimenting with Cassie's people to try and make advanced humans to use as hosts. Janet is able to sense Cassie's feelings and sometimes her stray thoughts because Cassie can project them to her. Neither of them have realized this link yet.

7) Janet has a hard time giving up on her patients, which sometimes causes a rift between what she wants to do and what she is ordered to do. Every person in the SGC is under her care and you better watch out if you try to change that.

8) Janet is not afraid to admit when she needs help, especially if something is out of her league. She only has the best in mind for her patients and if she doesn't know something, she'll find someone who does.

9) Some of Janet's favorite bands are Journey, Blondie, The B-52's, and Queen, much to Cassie's annoyance.

10) While Sam likes blue jello, Janet's love of red jello is less known. She hates purple jello, though, the one time she's had it.

11) Janet was no stranger to drinking and partying when she was younger but does not drink very much alcohol nowadays. Once she joined the Air Force, she quit drinking pretty much altogether and rarely has more than champagne at times.

12) It was because of her father that Janet joined the Air Force and then entered medical school. She always felt like she needed to prove herself to him (a retired army officer).

13) Janet hasn't needed to take her antihistamines since arriving at Milliways. Being dead, she figures he allergies would of course be non-existant.

14) No matter what Cassie thinks otherwise, Janet has always been, and will always be, proud of her. She made a resolution to tell this to Cassie more often.

15) Janet loves pillow fights, ssssh.

16) Janet borrowed Cassie's iPod at one point and added some of her favorite songs onto it. Cassie was not amused.

17) Janet has also been known on occasion to threaten Cassie with her music in order to get her to behave. At the risk of high school embarassment, it usually worked.


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