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Janet didn't feel like sticking around in the bar after talking to Walt. She didn't know why, but some of the things he had said had made her feel a little jumpy. She figured she was just tired and should probably get some rest. She picked up her key and made her way over to the stairs, she found the room that matched the number on the key and went inside.

She got ready for bed, propping a picture of Cassandra and herself against the bedside lamp. She always took that picture with her whenever she went off-world, it was one of her favorites.

Janet was standing on an open field, she felt that there was something happening around her but wasn't able to catch a glimpse of what it could be. "Man down! ...need medical attention!" a voice echoed over the field she started running toward it on instinct, not realizing that she didn't know where the voice was coming from. She stopped near some trees, turning around, feeling utterly lost and afraid. Cassandra was standing behind her "" she said with a sad smile before disapearing right in front of her...

Janet woke up in a panic, she felt like she was missing something, she reached around to turn the lamp on, knocking the picture off the table as she did so. She leaned over the side of her bed to pick it up and sat up straight, looking at Cassandra's smiling face in the picture. She felt an overpowering sense of loss followed by a fear that she would never see her again. It's only been a day, Janet told her self. She'll be fine.

Janet got out of bed and decided she had better find somthing to eat, telling herself that she would feel better after that.
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