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She is surrounded by trees, there is much commotion around her but she stands alone, untouched, as if watching a movie on fast forward. A crakle of static and a reply, I need more time... and she sees a small radio laying alone in the dirt, with only the sound of the empty air waves being emmitted.

There are blurred movements, colors bleeding together around her, and through it all, she hears a sound to make her heart stop, a staff weapon firing and the unmistakeable sound of a body falling to the ground, dead leaves crackling under the impact. She strains to see what has happened but suddenly, every sensation cuts off and see can no longer see the radio.

...grace under pressure... a voice echos faintly, sounding small and tinny like it was being transmitted through an old connection. It dies away slowly...


Janet is awake in an instant but lies for a moment, unmoving. It was the second time where she dreamed she was in the middle of chaos but was untouched by it. First a field and now the trees. First Cassandra and now a voice over a radio.

There was something familiar about that last voice. She thinks back and remembers Bregman saying that to her when they had lunch together, right before she had to leave.

He was talking about the interview, she thinks, that's right, but there was an unscheduled off-world activation and she was needed and...

That's where her memory always cuts off. The Stargate. It must be something to do with he Stargate.

Janet was never one to dwell on dreams, she was always firmly planted in reality and what was happening here and now. She tried to shake it off but kept hearing the peircing sound of a staff weapon blast. It was very unnerving and she needed to find a way to calm down. She settles on a warm bath.


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