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Dr. Janet Fraiser

"Now this is a house call!"

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Name:Dr. Janet Fraiser
Birthdate:Nov 9
Location:Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America
Website:Napoleonic Power Monger
This is a character journal for Dr. Janet Fraiser previously of Stargate Command. Janet Fraiser is a petite woman of 37 with short brown hair, a strong will, and a sweet personality. She also knows how to use a gun (fear!) as she is also a Major in the air force. It is also of note that she is a bit out of practice because she spends all of her time as Chief Medical Officer at the SGC. Janet arrived at Milliways post-episode "Heroes 2" in season seven and curently has no idea what happened to her.

Update: As of this conversation, Janet now knows that she is dead.

Janet has gone back to Earth via a stargate to visit Cassie. It was her only chance to do so and if she tries to go back again, she will not be able to return to Milliways and will disappear from existence completely.

Now that she is unable to return to her Earth, she's been curious to know what has been going on in her absence. Thanks to some mission reports from Colonel Sheppard, Janet now knows about the Ori and is current through season 9.

Also, some things you might not know about Janet.

The SGC.

Contact information for Janet-mun:
kore-persephone AT sbcglobal DOT net
hazel.bite on AIM

Janet-mun runs on PST.
The character Janet Fraiser (played by the lovely Teryl Rothery) belongs to the creators, MGM entertainment, and the Sci-fi channel. No money is being made from this character and is only being borrowed for role-playing purposes in the RPG milliways_bar by me, [info]korepersephone.
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