Waking up

Jul. 18th, 2005 10:54 pm
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It was still dark when she woke up, strands of a leftover dream slowly disappearing as she opens her eyes. This time it had been Cassie in her dream. Cassie, who had kept telling her that she missed her, that she needed her, and - to Janet's distress - that she had already lost one mother and couldn't bear losing a second.

Janet rolls over and stares at the ceiling, her mind drifting to the time when Cassie had yelled at her, saying that she wasn't her real mother because her real mother was dead.

Janet looks over at the picture of her and Cassie that she always keeps on her bedside table.

Janet hasn't been down into the bar for some days now, not feeling up to dealing with all the noise as she tried to get her emotions back in line. She now knew why she was bound here and not able to go back home. The answer did not reassure her now as she thought it would have back when she first arrived.

But to know she could never go back? Never go back to the place she was most familiar with, the place she dedicated so much of her life to?

After the breaking conversation with Sam and Daniel, she's had plenty of time to think about what to do next. There's not much else she can do now, considering she's bound permanently. Except...

The Milliways infirmiry. It would give her something to dedicate herself to, she wouldn't feel useless anymore. She wouldn't wander around, restless, without alien viruses to study or military personnel to cure. The quiet weeks she had after first arriving were nice and, she admits, that maybe she did need a vacation but...it's time to get back to work, she's had plenty of rest.

Janet climbs out of bed quickly, shuffling around the room quietly so as not to wake Sam, dressing and deciding to get something to eat. She pulls her hair back like usual and heads out the door.
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