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Jun. 30th, 2006 11:26 pm
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Janet is up in room seven reading. Again. She does that a lot lately. Because if she can't witness it all first hand, reading about it is good enough.

It's also research so she will be able to help Sam and the others against the Ori.

She is completely engrossed in the very last file. The most recent one.
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I love getting contructive criticism about how I write, so let me know what you think about my characters:

Janet Fraiser [livejournal.com profile] bedside_manners


Russell Tringham [livejournal.com profile] plant_alchemist

Anony comments are on, IP logs off, and no screened comments.

Throw it at me, I can handle it :D
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"We're in room seven," Janet tells Cassie as they climb the stairs. "It's a bit small, but atleast it's comfortable."

She unlocks the door and enters.

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Pictures )
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There's a rush of color and light and the familiar sensation of traveling through space and time. And, as quickly as it begins, it's over and Janet is standing in an unfamiliar dark room.

There's a window in one corner and, by the faint glow of the still connected wormhole behind her, she can see a bed and a sleeping form. Janet glances quickly over her shoulder, hoping her way back won't disappear, and then walks over to the bed slowly, somehow a bit frightened at the thought of being able to talk to her daughter again.

She knows she can't stay long or she'll fade away, Cassie had said so in one of the dreams. She is dead in this world and it has to stay that way.

Janet sits on the edge of the bed and leans over to shake Cassie's shoulder lightly to wake her.

"Cassie," she whispers, "Cassie, wake-up, it's me."

The girl stirs slightly and then finally rolls over, eyes half open.



Cassie opens her eyes, sits up slightly, and makes a noise of recognition.

"...mom?" she whispers hesitantly. "Am I dreaming?"

Janet smiles and reaches for her hand, "no honey, I'm actually here."

Cassie's voice is panicky now, like she's missed an important fact that shouldn't have been forgotten.

"What? How? They said...that you..." Cassie takes a calming breath, "Does this have something to do with the Stargate?"

Janet shakes her head, "I don't think so, atleast, not that I know of."

Cassie glances to her left. "Then why is there one in my closet?"

Janet pauses for a moment and then says, "I don't have much time here, but I'll tell you as much as I know. After I died, I went to a place, a bar, actually, called Milliways--" Janet notices Cassie's look of disbelief "--hold on, I'm getting to it. This bar is like a meeting place for all different kinds of people, even aliens, from different planets, universes, even time periods. When I got there, I didn't know that I had been killed, and I tried to get back. I couldn't, so I thought I was stuck for a while. And then Sam showed up and I found out that I was dead and couldn't return home. Sam is from our universe, she knows about Milliways too...Don't worry, she's alright," Janet adds, seeing Cassie's look of fear, "in Milliways, people who are dead can still interact with everyone who is alive."

"But...how were you able to come back?"

"I honestly don't know," Janet shakes her head. "I just...had this feeling that something was telling me that I could leave. But if I stay too long here, then I can't go back, and I'll disappear forever. I just needed to make sure that you're alright and tell you that I'm okay too, even if I am dead."

There was silence for a moment and then Cassie leans into Janet and holds on tight, not wanting to let go.

"I love you mom. It was awful, not having a chance to tell you that."

"I love you too and I'm so proud of you," Janet says, rubbing Cassie's back and smoothing down her hair. "I wanted to see you again. Sam told me all about you going off to college, and I was so happy to hear about it, I wish I could have been there."

"That's where we are now," Cassie sniffles, "this is my dorm room."

"I was wondering why everything looked different." Janet leans back to look at Cassie and smiles, still holding on to the girl's hands.

"I want to hear all about it. Everything. How are your classes?"

Cassie looks at Janet fearfully and doesn't answer.

"Something's happening to you!"

Janet looks down at her hands. She can still feel them but her skin is slowly fading in and out.

"I've stayed too long," Janet says quickly, leaning in to hug Cassie one more time and kisses her forehead. "Don't ever forget how much I love you."

Tears slide down Cassie's cheeks as Janet stands up.

"Here," Janet reaches around behind her neck and unfastens the necklace that she had with her when she died. "I was planning on giving it to you for your graduation." Janet quickly puts it around Cassie's neck while she can still see her hands. It is Janet's favorite necklace, given to her by her own mother, and she is finally able to give it to Cassie.

Cassie holds up the small locket. "I had wondered what happened to it. Sam and I looked everywhere, but we couldn't find it."

Janet gives Cassie one last kiss on the top of her head and steps backward toward the door. "If you suddenly arrive in a bar one day, look for me. I'll be there waiting. I'll miss you, sweetie."

Cassie climbs out of bed and gives her mother one last hug, "I'll miss you to."

Janet looks down at her arms and sees the floor through them. She smiles, "guess it's time for me to go," she says quietly, slowly stepping backward through the event horizon.

"Mom..." Cassie whispers as Janet disappears completely into the silver suface.

The light flickers and the wormhole disconnects. Cassie walks toward her closet and reaches her hand out tentively. There's nothing left but air and no sign at all that there had ever been a stargate.

But Cassie has the necklace, and that is all the proof she needs.
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[OOC: Janet dreams about Cassie.]

Janet has always been able to see the door, ever since she arrived at Milliways, even after she found out she was dead. After trying to leave the first time and finding nothing but a blank wall behind it, Janet hasn't opened the door since.

She was dead and Bound, unable to leave anyway, but the door stayed behind so she couldn't forget. She tried to ignore it, but it never failed to draw her attention and remind her of everything she had left behind. She thought that was the only reason for it to stay.

There was always a risk going offworld, stepping through the gate, she knew this. They all did. She had died while saving a life. If she had known about her death beforehand, she still would have gone. There was no way she would overlook someone else's life for her own. She couldn't even think about it without feeling guilty.

And then there was Cassie, who had been showing up in her dreams again. Janet thought that she just needed to know how Cassie was doing, that she was surviving. Janet was proud of her like any mother would be to know that she was hanging in there, she was trying to move on. It was Janet's turn to do the same.

Janet just needed a little help. Cassie appeared once again and told her how.

I never got to say goodbye.

"Mom...I miss you so much."

Where are you?

"Open the door..."
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It's been a while since Janet has dreamed about Cassie. She would never conciously forget her only child and this frightens Janet more than she can say.

Cassie had been calling out to Janet in her sleep, something the girl hadn't done since Janet first brought her home. Cassie had wanted to see her one more time, atleast once more, just to know that she was alright.

As much as Janet tried in her dream to comfort Cassandra, it seemed like the girl got further and further away.

Then, there had been a shimmering light, and Janet had stopped in her attempt to reach her daughter. The soft light reminded her of an event horizon and Janet knew that all she had to do was step through it and she would be at Cassie's side.

Then Janet had woken up, unable to take that step, and missing Cassie more than she had when she first arrived at Milliways.

So close.
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Janet can be seen running out of the woods, into and through the main bar, dodging people as she goes, and finally disappearing up the stairs.

Doctor on a mission.

She vaguely remembers Teal'c's room number and knocks hurriedly on the door. "Teal'c, are you there? It's Dr. Fraiser."

If he doesn't have a ZAT, she hopes the bar can give her one.
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Some things you might not know about Janet:

1) Her favorite color is royal blue.

2) She loves anything with strawberries and has a particular weakness if they are dipped in chocolate. She also likes iced tea and fruit salad, though she hasn't been able to eat the latter ever since she found out that she is dead.

3) Janet was married for three years before getting a divorce. Her ex-husband gave his true opinions on women in the Army though Janet was quick to point out that "it's the air force and they've had women for decades".

4) Janet considers Sam her closest friend.

5) Janet has always wanted a little girl, that's why she adopted Cassie. It was the best thing she's ever done.

6) Janet and Cassie have a special bond because of Cassie's previous experience with Niirti. Niirti was a Goa'uld who was experimenting with Cassie's people to try and make advanced humans to use as hosts. Janet is able to sense Cassie's feelings and sometimes her stray thoughts because Cassie can project them to her. Neither of them have realized this link yet.

7) Janet has a hard time giving up on her patients, which sometimes causes a rift between what she wants to do and what she is ordered to do. Every person in the SGC is under her care and you better watch out if you try to change that.

8) Janet is not afraid to admit when she needs help, especially if something is out of her league. She only has the best in mind for her patients and if she doesn't know something, she'll find someone who does.

9) Some of Janet's favorite bands are Journey, Blondie, The B-52's, and Queen, much to Cassie's annoyance.

10) While Sam likes blue jello, Janet's love of red jello is less known. She hates purple jello, though, the one time she's had it.

11) Janet was no stranger to drinking and partying when she was younger but does not drink very much alcohol nowadays. Once she joined the Air Force, she quit drinking pretty much altogether and rarely has more than champagne at times.

12) It was because of her father that Janet joined the Air Force and then entered medical school. She always felt like she needed to prove herself to him (a retired army officer).

13) Janet hasn't needed to take her antihistamines since arriving at Milliways. Being dead, she figures he allergies would of course be non-existant.

14) No matter what Cassie thinks otherwise, Janet has always been, and will always be, proud of her. She made a resolution to tell this to Cassie more often.

15) Janet loves pillow fights, ssssh.

16) Janet borrowed Cassie's iPod at one point and added some of her favorite songs onto it. Cassie was not amused.

17) Janet has also been known on occasion to threaten Cassie with her music in order to get her to behave. At the risk of high school embarassment, it usually worked.
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It wasn't the first time that Janet had wondered about Sam's emotional state that night. At first she thought it was the shock of seeing someone alive when they had been dead in your own world for two years, but as Janet started to accept the fact that she couldn't ever return home, she remembered how hard it was for Sam to tell Janet what was bothering her. That had never happened before. Sam would never hide things from her no matter how much it hurt.

Janet had failed to question Sam about her reaction ever since then, but now she was determined to find out what had been wrong with Sam that night. It wasn't like her to keep her emotions inside by drawing away from the world and then lash out with the terrible news.

Hoping she would be able to find Sam downstairs, Janet heads out the door.

Waking up

Jul. 18th, 2005 10:54 pm
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It was still dark when she woke up, strands of a leftover dream slowly disappearing as she opens her eyes. This time it had been Cassie in her dream. Cassie, who had kept telling her that she missed her, that she needed her, and - to Janet's distress - that she had already lost one mother and couldn't bear losing a second.

Janet rolls over and stares at the ceiling, her mind drifting to the time when Cassie had yelled at her, saying that she wasn't her real mother because her real mother was dead.

Janet looks over at the picture of her and Cassie that she always keeps on her bedside table.

Janet hasn't been down into the bar for some days now, not feeling up to dealing with all the noise as she tried to get her emotions back in line. She now knew why she was bound here and not able to go back home. The answer did not reassure her now as she thought it would have back when she first arrived.

But to know she could never go back? Never go back to the place she was most familiar with, the place she dedicated so much of her life to?

After the breaking conversation with Sam and Daniel, she's had plenty of time to think about what to do next. There's not much else she can do now, considering she's bound permanently. Except...

The Milliways infirmiry. It would give her something to dedicate herself to, she wouldn't feel useless anymore. She wouldn't wander around, restless, without alien viruses to study or military personnel to cure. The quiet weeks she had after first arriving were nice and, she admits, that maybe she did need a vacation but...it's time to get back to work, she's had plenty of rest.

Janet climbs out of bed quickly, shuffling around the room quietly so as not to wake Sam, dressing and deciding to get something to eat. She pulls her hair back like usual and heads out the door.
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Janet finally lays down to rest after checking on Sam one more time. After what happened downstairs, Janet is extremely worried about her. She figures that the shock at suddenly arriving at Milliways may be a big part of Sam's distress but she feels that there may be something more. She got the feeling that Sam was hiding something from her because, after knowing a person for seven years, it's one of those things you can just sense.

Janet doesn't have a clue what it may be, though. Tyring to stay awake in case Sam needs her, Janet is worn out and falls asleep anyway. She dreams again that night only there is something more real about this one than all of the others... )

A memory

Jun. 9th, 2005 11:57 am
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Janet sleeps and hears a voice that sounds like her own, Yeah, I never know what's next ... you just ... try and keep your head on straight... and then there are sounds of a busy cafeteria, plates clanking, water spraying, and the voices of many people gathered around tables. There is a man sitting across from Janet, his mouth is moving like he's talking to her, but she can't hear it. The ring on his finger catches the light and she feels herself ask what's with the ring? but she can't hear his reply which is muffled the sounds of activity around them. The background noise gets louder and now she can't see anything but the dark of the night sky where stars are exploding and the universe is ending. She is brought back to the cafeteria when she hears you're required in the ready room immediately, she feels an urgency that hurries her along out of the room.


Janet wakes up slowly, bits and pieces of her dream coming back to her with a startling familiarity. She replayed every scene and found that she remembered that all of it had actually happened back when she was still at the SGC. She also finds that she is craving fruit salad for some reason.
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When Janet goes up to her later that night, she notices a brochure that had obviously been slid under her door. She must have missed it earlier.

She picks it up, and chuckles a little as she reads the cover. Janet is defintely intrigued. From a purely medical standpoint, of course.

Spreading this information is a wonderful idea, Janet thinks to herself as she flips through, pausing to read a line or two every now and then. She closes it up and and places on the bureau.

She lets out a small sigh as she gets ready for bed.
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She is surrounded by trees, there is much commotion around her but she stands alone, untouched, as if watching a movie on fast forward. A crakle of static and a reply, I need more time... and she sees a small radio laying alone in the dirt, with only the sound of the empty air waves being emmitted.

There are blurred movements, colors bleeding together around her, and through it all, she hears a sound to make her heart stop, a staff weapon firing and the unmistakeable sound of a body falling to the ground, dead leaves crackling under the impact. She strains to see what has happened but suddenly, every sensation cuts off and see can no longer see the radio.

...grace under pressure... a voice echos faintly, sounding small and tinny like it was being transmitted through an old connection. It dies away slowly...


Janet is awake in an instant but lies for a moment, unmoving. It was the second time where she dreamed she was in the middle of chaos but was untouched by it. First a field and now the trees. First Cassandra and now a voice over a radio.

There was something familiar about that last voice. She thinks back and remembers Bregman saying that to her when they had lunch together, right before she had to leave.

He was talking about the interview, she thinks, that's right, but there was an unscheduled off-world activation and she was needed and...

That's where her memory always cuts off. The Stargate. It must be something to do with he Stargate.

Janet was never one to dwell on dreams, she was always firmly planted in reality and what was happening here and now. She tried to shake it off but kept hearing the peircing sound of a staff weapon blast. It was very unnerving and she needed to find a way to calm down. She settles on a warm bath.
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Janet didn't feel like sticking around in the bar after talking to Walt. She didn't know why, but some of the things he had said had made her feel a little jumpy. She figured she was just tired and should probably get some rest. She picked up her key and made her way over to the stairs, she found the room that matched the number on the key and went inside.

She got ready for bed, propping a picture of Cassandra and herself against the bedside lamp. She always took that picture with her whenever she went off-world, it was one of her favorites.

Janet was standing on an open field, she felt that there was something happening around her but wasn't able to catch a glimpse of what it could be. "Man down! ...need medical attention!" a voice echoed over the field she started running toward it on instinct, not realizing that she didn't know where the voice was coming from. She stopped near some trees, turning around, feeling utterly lost and afraid. Cassandra was standing behind her "...mom" she said with a sad smile before disapearing right in front of her...

Janet woke up in a panic, she felt like she was missing something, she reached around to turn the lamp on, knocking the picture off the table as she did so. She leaned over the side of her bed to pick it up and sat up straight, looking at Cassandra's smiling face in the picture. She felt an overpowering sense of loss followed by a fear that she would never see her again. It's only been a day, Janet told her self. She'll be fine.

Janet got out of bed and decided she had better find somthing to eat, telling herself that she would feel better after that.


Apr. 16th, 2005 03:28 pm
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The last thing that Janet remembers was being called to go off world for a medical emergency. There was a fire fight on P3X-666, an airman was wounded, they needed her assistance, she remembers. She geared up quickly, grabbed her medical supplies, made a hurried excuse to Emmett Bregman, stepped up to the gate and then--she was here. There was a blur of colors and sounds and feelings between her last memory and ending up here, inside of a bar. She felt as if something big had happened but couldn't place what it was.

Janet looked around, seeing a crowded bar and many patrons in strange garb. She looked to see if there was anyone behind the bar, deciding to ask around and find out where she was and how she got here, that is, if anybody actually knew themselves. She was relieved to find that she still had her BDU's on, her gun still handy just incase something happened. She didn't have her medical bag with her anymore, though she knew she had it in her hand when she was in the gate room. She stepped up to a bar stool and sat down, her right hand hovering over the gun on her hip reassuredly before coming to rest on top of the bar.
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