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[OOC: Janet dreams about Cassie.]

Janet has always been able to see the door, ever since she arrived at Milliways, even after she found out she was dead. After trying to leave the first time and finding nothing but a blank wall behind it, Janet hasn't opened the door since.

She was dead and Bound, unable to leave anyway, but the door stayed behind so she couldn't forget. She tried to ignore it, but it never failed to draw her attention and remind her of everything she had left behind. She thought that was the only reason for it to stay.

There was always a risk going offworld, stepping through the gate, she knew this. They all did. She had died while saving a life. If she had known about her death beforehand, she still would have gone. There was no way she would overlook someone else's life for her own. She couldn't even think about it without feeling guilty.

And then there was Cassie, who had been showing up in her dreams again. Janet thought that she just needed to know how Cassie was doing, that she was surviving. Janet was proud of her like any mother would be to know that she was hanging in there, she was trying to move on. It was Janet's turn to do the same.

Janet just needed a little help. Cassie appeared once again and told her how.

I never got to say goodbye.

"Mom...I miss you so much."

Where are you?

"Open the door..."
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