Apr. 16th, 2005 03:28 pm
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The last thing that Janet remembers was being called to go off world for a medical emergency. There was a fire fight on P3X-666, an airman was wounded, they needed her assistance, she remembers. She geared up quickly, grabbed her medical supplies, made a hurried excuse to Emmett Bregman, stepped up to the gate and then--she was here. There was a blur of colors and sounds and feelings between her last memory and ending up here, inside of a bar. She felt as if something big had happened but couldn't place what it was.

Janet looked around, seeing a crowded bar and many patrons in strange garb. She looked to see if there was anyone behind the bar, deciding to ask around and find out where she was and how she got here, that is, if anybody actually knew themselves. She was relieved to find that she still had her BDU's on, her gun still handy just incase something happened. She didn't have her medical bag with her anymore, though she knew she had it in her hand when she was in the gate room. She stepped up to a bar stool and sat down, her right hand hovering over the gun on her hip reassuredly before coming to rest on top of the bar.
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